MountainFlyer Magazine number 52
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MountainFlyer Magazine number 52

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マウンテンバイクによるリアルアドベンチャー / バイクパッキング、世界中のディープなトレイル、MTB最初期から今でもコアに存在するファブリケイターたち… マウンテンフライヤーマガジン最新号のご案内です。 ・大西洋の真珠"マデイラ島" ・自転車は文化の壁を乗り越えるためのもの"ケイティー・ホールデン" ・社会主義時代の影を残すブルガリアの自然とマウンテンバイクシーン ・570kmに渡る東アンデスのトレイル"Huella Andina"をバイクパッキング ・A-Tacステム・Yetiソフトテールを作りだし名だたるチャンピオンのフレームを作った"フランク・ザ・ウェルダー" FEATURES KATIE HOLDEN:’ALL IN THIS TOGETHER When she first began mountain biking, Katie Holden was afraid to even ride through a ditch. Now, after 10 years of downhill and ferried racing, Holden has a new purpose when riding. She’s using the bike as a platform to break down cultural barriers around the world. RIDING CARBON BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN Even for globe-trotting adventure Antonio Abreu, traveling to an Eastern Bloc country seemed intimidating at first. Although Bulgaria remains in the shadow of its Communist past, natural beauty and growing mountain bike scene are putting the country on the recreation map. MADEN SPIN ON THE ANDEAN FOOTPRINT Inspired by the Appalachian Trail, Patagonian mountaineers dreamed up the 570-kilometer-long Huella Andina, which traverse through the rugged terrain of the eastern Andes. Ultra endurance riders Kurt Refsnider and Kaitlyn Boyle set out to see if the Huella Andina is good for bikepacking or better left to its “footprint” namesake. FRANK THE WELDER IS FINDING HIS RELIGION Vermont innovator Frank The Welder Wadelton has designed and fabricated bike and parts for a number of companies, including Mongoose, Yeti, Spooky and Sinister. He’s seen numerous pro athletes cross the finish line first on his frames, but after 40 years of dedicating hi life to machines and people in movement, Wadelton says he is just now hitting his stride. OTHER STORIES Photo Essay: Madeira Advocacy: Nairobi’s Cycloville MF TESTED Spot: Rollik 557 Ellsworth: Rogue 60 Shimano: XT Di2